St. Jane House


  1. Welcome and hospitality to neighbors and friends of the Visitation Sisters in north Minneapolis

  2. Guest Rooms for overnight visitors

  3. A place for prayer, discernment and spiritual renewal

  4. Opportunities for education and urban immersion

  5. Weekly Centering Prayer/Meditation Group

  6. Individual, group and staff retreats

  7. Tutoring and safe space for neighborhood youth

  8. Overnight retreats for healing and support groups

  9. Home base of From Death To Life

  10. Community dinners and other gatherings that promote peace and work for justice on the north side of Minneapolis and beyond

Welcome to St. Jane House...
             a place of rest and delight!

St. Jane House

1403 Emerson Ave. N.,

Minneapolis, MN 55411


St. Jane House is a ministry of the Visitation Sisters of Minneapolis.

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“Be who you are, 
and be that well.”
           -St. Francis de Sales

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To inquire about St. Jane House, please contact director in residence, Brian Mogren.

Celebrating ten years of entertaining angels.

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