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Welcome to
St Jane House

Entertaining Angels since 2008

"Be who you are and be that well."

St Francis de Sales


About us

The St Jane House is an urban retreat center and house of hospitality sponsored by the Visitation Monastery of Minneapolis. We whole-heartedly welcome people of every religious tradition as well as no tradition, and people with every kind of difference, to come and connect here. To share stories, pray, talk about things that matter, and in the process come to a deeper experience and appreciation of our common humanity. 

The St Jane House offers:

❖ Welcome and hospitality to all who come to our door

❖ Guest Rooms for overnight visitors

❖ A place for prayer, discernment and spiritual renewal

❖ Opportunities for education and urban immersion

❖ Weekly Centering Prayer/Meditation Group 

❖ Individual, group and staff retreats

​❖ Overnight retreats for healing and support groups

❖ Home base of From Death To Life

❖ Community events, dinners and other gatherings 

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April 2024

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